CDOT Releases Video Showing Risks of Colorado Motorcycle Accidents

May 13, 2013

With weather beginning to warm across Colorado, motorists can expect to see more motorcycles on the highway. A higher volume of motorcycles also means an increased number of Colorado Motorcycle Accidents. In fact, one doctor stated he sees as many as 600 victims of these collisions each year.

To help reduce the number of motorcycle crash victims, the Colorado Department of Transportation has released a video aimed at educating the public about the damage an accident can cause and how motorcyclists can better protect themselves by utilizing the proper equipment.

According to an article from Colorado’s 9 News, the video depicts a man covered in special effects makeup to how the damage that can be caused to the victim of a motorcycle accident not wearing proper safety gear. Typical injuries can include burns, broken bones, and deep lacerations.

The images leave many riders wondering what kind of protective gear is needed when riding. The essentials include a helmet and eye protection. Thick gloves, a sturdy leather jacket, and heavy leather boots also have been proven to help reduce the chances of suffering severe injuries.

The Colorado Personal Injury Lawyers with McDivitt Law Firm recognize the importance of being properly equipped if an individual is going to ride a motorcycle. The firm encourages each rider to always wear the appropriate safety gear when on the road!

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