Car Safety for Pets 101

keep your pets safe in the carDenver CBS 4 recently did an interesting piece urging drivers to be safe with their pets. When you take your dog out for a drive you probably don’t think about putting your dog into a crate or if you do whether the crate is safe. However, failing to secure your pet properly in the car could lead to serious injury or even your pet’s death.

Crash Tests

The news piece covers crash tests conducted by the Center for Pet Safety. It mentions, of the four popular dog harnesses on the market, none of which held up in the tests. In fact, all of them demonstrated that they could lead to either a serious or fatal injury for not only the animal but the passengers in the car as well. CBS notes that in many of the tests, the test dog, a stuffed animal, went flying through the vehicle.

The carrier brands tested by the Center include 4Pets Proline Milan, MIM Safe Variocage Single, Gunner Kennel G1 Intermediate, and Roto Mold, LLC. Ruff Tough Kennel. The Center for Pet Safety did name Gunner Kennels, G1 Intermediate with 8’ Tie Down Straps as the 2015 Top Performing Crate. It cited that the Gunner Kennel “retained structural integrity for the duration of the crash simulation” and fully contained the test dog within the device. Other devices the Center says perform the best include the Sleepy Pod Mobile Pet Bed with a Handilock and the Pet Ego Forma Frame Jet Set Carrier with a Latch Connection.

The Center for Pet Safety makes an important note at the end of the study stating:

Many pet owners make the assumption of crash protection, or believe that because a crate looks strong, and is specified by the manufacturer for use in an automobile it will provide protection beyond that intended by the manufacturer. It is the opinion of the Center for Pet Safety that a performance standard and formal testing protocol is needed to ensure consistent and uniform performance of these safety devices to reduce the risk to consumers and their companion animals in the event of a sudden stop or accident.

Thus, the problem right now is that many of these crates and carriers have not been tested because it is an unregulated industry, putting our pets at risk.

We here at McDivitt Law Firm want to warn all pet owners of the potential safety issues regarding these pet crates. Just like any other family member we want to keep our pets safe. Please consider in-depth research when deciding how to properly secure your pet while driving. Also check out these Crate and Carrier FAQs from the Center for Pet Safety.

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