Can Photos Be Used as Evidence in Case of Fatal Colorado Car Crash?

Feb. 22, 2013

The case of a fatal wrong-way Colorado Car Crash in Westminster is bringing into question whether police can use photos posted to social media sites as evidence of drunk and drugged driving. An article from 9 News says the crash occurred at around 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning along the Boulder Turnpike.

Reports indicate the 23-year-old female driver of a light colored sedan merged onto the eastbound lanes of the highway while traveling west and struck a maroon SUV head-on. The impact of the collision killed a 25-year-old male passenger in the sedan and left two women riding in the SUV seriously injured.

The driver of the sedan admitted to police she had consumed five alcoholic beverages in the hours leading up to the crash. She will face charges of driving under the influence, but investigators are hoping to build a vehicular homicide case against her as well. In order to do so, police want to use pictures of alcohol and drugs the woman posted to social media sites as evidence of her intoxication. Charges against the woman are being filed next week.

The Colorado Injury Attorneys at McDivitt Law Firm acknowledge the case as a fine example of investigators using every available resource to ensure dangerous drunk drivers are taken off the roads and applaud the work of those involved in the case.

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