Can I Go Back to Work after an Auto Accident?

when to return to work after accidentI often hear from clients who have suffered injuries in a car wreck the simple question, “Is it ok to go back to work?” Many clients are worried that going back to work could affect their auto accident claim. Rest assured that if you are capable of going back to work and the doctor has cleared you, then it is ok to return. However, let me delve a little deeper into this issue for you.

  1. How will this affect my lawsuit/claim?

You may worry that returning to work will end your case; however, this simply isn’t true. As an attorney I can’t tell you when the right time to return to work is, that’s a question for you and your doctor to discuss. If your injuries have healed to the point that you can return to work, then you should do so. It won’t hurt your case.

If you were out of work for a time period because of your injuries you can still claim for income lost while you were out from work. Loss of income is part of the damages a person can seek in a personal injury claim or lawsuit. If there was a medical reason for your inability to work, this can be recovered. Returning to work doesn’t mean you were never injured or made up the extent of those injuries.

  1. Does returning to work mean I’m better?

Just because you return to work, that may not mean all of your injuries have healed. You may need to return to work because of financial reasons, or maybe for another reason. However, don’t let your work hinder your medical recovery. Make sure you always check in with your doctor.

  1. Will working prevent me from getting better?

This is a question to discuss with your doctor. He or she knows best what is going on with you physically and can assess whether returning to work is best for you. However, if everything checks out and you are feeling better, it would probably be best for you to return to work and get back into a normal routine. You don’t want your car crash to dictate your life.

Please don’t let your auto accident keep you from doing what is best for you. That means addressing all medical needs with your doctor, and discussing when you may go back to work. Working should not affect your claim. If you have been injured in a car crash due to someone else’s negligence please contact an experienced attorney, like those at McDivitt Law Firm, today.

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