5 Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want Auto Accident Victims to Know

Insurance companies are in the business of making money, and are not eager to pay out claims to personal injury victims. Here are five of the most important things to be wary of when it comes to insurance companies:


  1. They offer to pay all your medical bills and lost wages.   Sounds great! However, what they aren’t telling you is that if you hire an experienced auto accident attorney, you may also be able to recover additional compensation for future wages (not just lost wages), lifestyle changes, or pain and suffering damages.
  2. They hope you don’t report any injuries related to the accident.    If you don’t report any and all injuries – no matter how insignificant they seem at the time – the insurance company may use that against you in a settlement or court case. Don’t neglect to tell the responding law enforcement officer about any injuries you might have, and be sure to immediately go to a hospital or to your doctor for a medical evaluation following an accident.
  3. They don’t want you to take pictures of the vehicles which were in the collision.  It’s very important that you take pictures of all vehicles involved in the accident from many different angles. This can strengthen your case and possibly increase the amount that you receive from the insurance company due to evidence showing the extent of the vehicle damage.
  4. They don’t want you to keep a record of your expenses.  Keep a full record of all expenses related to your personal injury case.  You need these receipts in order to claim them. Make sure to have a file or journal in which you keep any relevant receipts for goods and services which result directly from your personal injury, including such things as:
    – Car rental fees
    – Home care services
    – Prescription drugs
  5. They want you to admit fault at the scene of the collision.  You will never hurt your case by expressing concern for the at-fault party’s injuries – just don’t admit fault for the accident or discuss how it happened. If you admit fault or partial blame for the collision, you may end up being responsible for some of the costs of the accident.

You may not be thinking clearly or recalling the facts accurately at the time of the accident because of the shock involved. Don’t ever admit fault.

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