5 Bad Driving Habits We Should All Stop Doing

avoid these 5 bad driving habitsOk, we have all probably done one or more of these at some point in our lives, but the 5 bad driving habits below can not only lead to a ticket in some instances, but more dangerously, they can lead to an auto accident. Bad habits can be hard to break, but here are 5 bad driving habits we should all stop doing so that we can keep the road safe:

  1. Failing to signal. Unfortunately, many people fail to signal. Just a reminder, that blinker is the only way you have to tell other drivers what you are planning on doing. Please remember to always signal so other drivers know your intentions and can accommodate you on the road.
  1. Running yellow or red lights. I know, we are all busy, and sometimes those yellow lights are really inconvenient. However, a yellow light doesn’t mean speed up to get through the light; it’s there to signal to us to slow down and begin to stop, and a red light just means stop. If you fail to stop, you could cause a crash. Let’s prevent that!
  1. Slowing down to look at crashes or construction. While it is definitely important to slow down and use caution when you are driving through construction or by an accident site, many drivers feel the need to slow down to look at a crash or construction on the other side of the street. Please, avoid this. Not only are you disrupting the flow of traffic, you are also distracting yourself from the drivers around you, which can lead to a crash. 
  1. Not following the speed limit. Speed limits aren’t just suggestions, they are the law, and important to abide by. However, if you are in areas where you don’t see a posted speed limit, here is a good guide to use:
  • Residential area: 15–30 mph
  • Undivided road (rural): 40–55 mph
  • Divided road (rural): 55–70 mph
  • Freeway: 55–65 mph
  1. Driving distracted. It’s time to put down that cell phone. It most certainly can wait, and other distractions can also wait such as eating or drinking, applying makeup, or even changing the radio station. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car crashes, so don’t make that mistake.


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