15 Items You Should Have in Your Car Emergency Kit

What to have in an emergency car kitBad weather, car trouble, or the unpredictable may happen while you’re out driving, particularly on Colorado roads. With unforeseeable events bound to happen at some point, it’s always best to be prepared. To make it a little easier on you if the unfortunate does happen and you get stuck or stranded on the road, we have put together a list of 15 items you should have in your car’s emergency kit. Our list includes:

  1. Bottled water
  2. A warm blanket
  3. First aid kit
  4. Toolkit: this should include screwdriver, adjustable wrench, a pair of pliers, and multi-purpose knife
  5. Cell phone and charger
  6. Reflective warning triangles or roadside flares: this helps warn traffic
  7. Tire gauge: this will also be helpful to check the air pressure of your spare tire
  8. Foam tire sealant
  9. Jumper cables: these should be at least 10 feet in length and coated with at least 8-gauge rubber
  10. Flashlight and extra batteries
  11. Nonperishable snacks
  12. Small shovel
  13. Kitty litter or bag of sand
  14. Windshield ice scraper
  15. Gloves

There are also a number of prepackaged emergency kits that you can purchase as a whole instead of buying each item individually. The Team at McDivitt Law Firm reminds you to stay safe on the road so hopefully this kit will only need to be used in unforeseen emergency situations.

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