Bill Allows The Terminally Ill To Receive Social Security Disability Benefits Faster

A terminal illness can often leave sick individuals unable to work or financially care for themselves. Under these circumstances, Social Security Disability Benefits can be a lifeline for attaining everyday needs; however, getting approved to receive such benefits in a timely manner has proven difficult for many in the past.

terminally ill disability benefits

An article from The Star Herald told the story of a woman who had applied for the benefits after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. She was approved, but to combat fraud, the Social Security Administration requires beneficiaries wait five months before receiving their first payment.

The woman died within 11 weeks of her diagnosis. She would have received monthly payments of $754, but instead her husband only received a one-time payment of $255.

To prevent a similar incident in the future, three Senators have introduced a bill that would allow the terminally ill to receive faster Social Security Disability payments. Approved claimants must have two doctors from separate practices diagnose them as terminally ill. The claimant will receive a payment of 50 percent of a total monthly benefit within four weeks. The second month, the individual will receive 75 percent of a monthly benefit and will receive full benefits by the third month.

The Colorado Personal Injury Lawyers with the McDivitt Law Firm applaud the efforts to get benefits to those who need them the most and hope the bill gets approved.


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