Biases Against Bikers

Are there Biases Against Motorcyclists After an Accident?

biased against motorcyclistsMay is Motorcycle Awareness Month, so I wanted to take the time to go over some biases people may have about motorcyclists so that we may all be more conscious about motorcyclists on the road. As more motorcyclists hit the road when the weather turns nicer, remember the saying: “Share the road.” Additionally, it is important to note that biases may affect motorcyclists trying to get compensated after a crash.

Possible Biases

Some common biases society may have about motorcycles are:

  1. They are hard to see.
  2. They are driven too fast.
  3. They are driven by careless young people or unruly gang members.

These subjective views can not only cause people to disregard motorcyclists on the road, but they may also hinder bikers from the compensation they deserve after they have been injured in a motorcycle accident. For example, it may result in the motorcyclist being offered a lower settlement from the insurance company. It’s no surprise that insurance adjusters don’t like motorcyclists. Unfortunately, these prejudices against bikers do exist, regardless of who is responsible for a crash.

Yes, it is true that a motorcycle may be harder to see that a car, they simply aren’t as big. But all motorists should be aware and respectful to others on the road whether they are driving a car or a motorcycle. It’s not impossible to see a motorcycle. Furthermore, while some motorcyclists may drive too fast, just like some car drivers, that is not true of all. Placing this bias on bikers is a disservice as it hinders factfinders from finding the truth. Yet, insurance companies or even a jury may hold these biases. Lastly, thinking that all motorcyclists are part of a biker gang or an irresponsible youth is quite ridiculous. Motorcycling is a common past time for many, most of whom are upstanding citizens. We shouldn’t hold this bias, or fantasy (thanks to shows like Sons of Anarchy), at all.

Thus, it’s important that if you are in a motorcycle accident while enjoying the freedom of the open road, that you understand that there are experienced motorcycle accident attorneys who are on your side. They will be able to help you overcome these biases insurance companies may have about bikers. For the rest of us, remember motorcyclists are just like anyone else. They deserve our respect on the road, and in general.

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