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McDivitt Law Firm has assembled a team of attorneys ready to represent you. When you’ve been hurt, we’re here to help. Do it right the first time and call the award-winning attorneys at McDivitt Law Firm.

Mike McDivitt

Michael McDivitt

Founder/ CEO / Attorney

David McDivitt - Personal Injury Lawyer Colorado

David McDivitt

Executive VP, COO, Attorney

Aaron Kennedy David McDivitt - Personal Injury Lawyer Colorado

Aaron S. Kennedy

Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Joel Kotler

Joel Kotler

Workers' Compensation Attorney

Mike Mizell David McDivitt - Personal Injury Lawyer Colorado

Mark Mizell

Personal Injury Attorney

Joe Preiksat David McDivitt - Personal Injury Lawyer Colorado

Joe Prieksat

Personal Injury Attorney

Leah Garrett PI Attorney

Leah Garrett

Personal Injury Attorney

Durant Davidson PI Attorney Colorado

Durant D. Davidson

Personal Injury Attorney

Edward Lomena David McDivitt - Personal Injury Lawyer Colorado

Edward Lomena

Personal Injury Attorney

Stephen Longo David McDivitt - Personal Injury Lawyer Colorado

Stephen Longo

Personal Injury Attorney

Tony Tracy David McDivitt - Personal Injury Lawyer Colorado

Tony D. Tracy

Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney At McDivitt Law Firm, Christine Lagle

Christine Lagle

Personal Injury Attorney

Ale Morales Headshot

Alessandra Morales

Personal Injury Attorney

Thomas Dwyer Personal Injury Lawyer Colorado

Thomas J. Dwyer

Personal Injury Attorney

Carl Zielinskii Personal Injury Lawyer Colorado

Carl Zielinski

Workers Comp Attorney


Edward Cord

Triage Attorney

Amber Sliger McDivitt Attorney

Amber Sliger

Personal Injury Attorney

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