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McDivitt Law Firm is a proud sponsor of Drive Smart Colorado’s High School Traffic Safety Challenge. Our firm is in charge of the video PSA contest portion of the challenge.

Here’s how it works:

As a teen, you know what it takes to relate to your peers, and we want your ideas, perspective and thoughts about how to effectively promote safe driving to your age group. Your Mission: Create a video public service announcement (PSA) about driving safely. You pick the topic, write a script, and shoot the video. Whether your focus is on driving under the influence, seatbelt safety, or texting while driving, make your message loud and clear.

Ways to Work the Challenge

  • Different Points of View: Your video can focus on a variety of topics: distracted driving, seatbelt safety, or driving under the influence to name a few. The video can also be directed based on a variety of perspectives: the crash victim, the emergency responders, or family.
  • Cause and Affect: Additional content to consider are the after-effects of unsafe driving. What are some of the consequences teens can face if they don’t drive safe? Not only can there be serious injuries and fatalities, there can also be legal repercussions that are attached to poor choices. Which one will you select?
  • Statistics: Just as teens speaking to their peer group motivate, facts and figures are also impactful when you are crafting your message. For example, did you know that one of the top three causes of collisions in Colorado Springs is driver inexperience with 495 accidents reported under this heading in 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should the PSA be submitted for entry?: PSA’s must be submitted as a full-quality/full-frame (720 x 480 pixel) NTSC, recorded on DVD. Entries should be 28-29 seconds in length and include a script. Entries cannot be submitted electronically {you-tube?}.
  • Can participants use other people’s material?: Entries must include original material (including music, images, etc.). No trademarked, copyrighted, or branded materials, logos, or products may be used without written permission from the owner, business, or organization. This includes logos on t-shirts, branded products, etc. If entries contain copyrighted, branded, and/or trademarked materials without permission, your entry will be disqualified.
  • Can I use real-life experiences?: Yes, we encourage you to share true stories. Depending on the nature of the PSA, students may be asked to submit additional waivers that give permission to use photographs, names, and/or other pertinent material in the PSA.
  • What are the prizes?: The school of the winning entry will receive a $500 donation and the PSA will be aired on television stations throughout Southern Colorado.
  • Who are the judges?: All PSA entries are reviewed by two groups of people. The first, executives at McDivitt Law Firm, look for content of the message. Then, a team of producers from Los Angeles, CA review each video for quality of production and story-telling.
  • Can entries be disqualified?: Entries will be disqualified if they contain vulgar or inappropriate content or include trademarked material without written permission from the owner, business, or organization.
  • Can adults assist in production?: Adults may appear in your video and/or help with production, but they are limited to verbal guidance only.

For more information, rules, and ideas, please email Lisa McDivitt at

For more information about Drive Smart Colorado and this year’s High School Traffic Safety Challenge, please go to

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