Should I Take Pictures at the Scene of My Colorado Auto Accident?

Absolutely! It’s essential to gather as much information as possible at the scene of your accident. This includes, of course, names, addresses and phone numbers of the other parties involved, plus anyone you spoke to at the scene or those who may have witnessed the accident. Equally important is recording the license plate numbers and insurance information of the other drivers.

colorado-car-accident-photosThis makes your cell phone is an invaluable tool. Without risking your life and further injuries, safely take pictures of all the vehicles involved, as well as the accident scene from a number of angles. Include license plates and damages to both vehicles.

If you are using the movie or “voice talk” function on your cell phone camera, give a running dialogue of what you see and what you feel – plus any comments made by the driver of the other vehicle. Make sure your photographs illustrate four important things:

  • Visibility:  Take pictures showing where the accident began and ended. It’s important to show the distance of the accident scene as well as any obstructions that may have led to the accident happening.
  • Traffic conditions: Show what the traffic conditions were at the time of the accident, with pictures taken at the accident scene.
  • Signs and markings: Pay special attention to traffic signs, construction signs, etc. Show whether they are obvious or obstructed.
  • Accident-related injuries: Make sure to take pictures of your injuries before they heal! This is important because collisions often cause bruises across your chest from sudden jarring contact with the seatbelt. However, after a few weeks, bruises heal. When an insurance adjuster tries to argue that the injuries from the accident were not significant, photos of your bruises and other injuries will help show otherwise. Photos of such injuries are hard to dispute, giving you and your attorney solid and justifiable evidence in support of your claim.

The information you gather and the clear photographs you take at the scene will be invaluable information to the McDivitt Accident Attorney who will take your case and help you receive the compensation you deserve. Click here for an initial consultation form, or call toll free 877-846-4878 to arrange for a free initial interview.

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