Large Number of Colorado Car Accidents Caused by Drowsy Drivers

colorado driving drowsy auto accidentsThe hazards posed by drowsy drivers are a serious risk on the highways of Colorado. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims the state’s roads are among the deadliest in the nation when it comes to motorists drifting to sleep at the wheel. This claim is supported by 2004 data showing showing a total of 54 deaths in 49 fatigue-related accidents, representing 8 percent of the nation’s total. This was more than double other states’ average of around 3 percent.

To put into perspective just how common these accidents are, the Colorado Car Accident Lawyers with  McDivitt Law Firm point out that last week three people were killed and another person seriously injured in a collision caused by a fatigued motorist. Reports indicate the crash happened just before 5:45 a.m. on Thursday, August 15 on U.S. Highway 85 in Weld County.

An article from the Casper Star-Tribune explains the 22-year-old driver of a vehicle failed to negotiate a curve in the road when he fell asleep at the wheel. The vehicle then crossed the center lines and struck another car carrying four passengers. The impact of the crash killed three passengers and left another injured.

The Colorado Personal Injury Lawyers at McDivitt Law Firm urge motorists to avoid driving without enough rest. If you find yourself getting drowsy while driving, you should pull over and rest in a safe location.

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