Colorado’s “100 Days Of Heat” Campaign Starts This Weekend

May 25, 2012

With Memorial Day weekend marking the official beginning of summer for many, police in Colorado are making preparations to begin their “100 Days of Heat” campaign. According to Colorado’s 9 News, law enforcement will begin stepping up their efforts against drunk drivers.

Summer has long proven to be associated with a higher number of drunk drivers. In fact, the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) says that last year alone, 185 motor vehicle fatalities were associated with the consumption of alcohol. Of those crashes, 67 occurred between Memorial and Labor Days. That number is up from the 150 deaths that were reported a year earlier, leading to the CSP says they are beefing up efforts to keep intoxicated drivers off the road by conducting more DUI traffic stops as well as saturation patrols in problem areas.

Last year, the campaign was responsible for taking more than 2,000 drunk drivers off of Colorado highways during the summer months; however, law enforcement says they hope that the number is lower this year as it will only mean there were fewer instances of people getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Drunk driving is responsible for thousands of Colorado Auto Accidents accidents each year, yet is one of the easiest types of crashes to prevent. That is why the Colorado Personal Injury Lawyers with the McDivitt Law Firm ask that you always utilize a designated driver if you are going to be drinking.

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