Manitou Springs High School Students Win Annual Drive Smart Colorado PSA Challenge

Congratulations to Mia Elliot, Leland Spangler, and Jared Keul of Manitou Springs High School. They created the winning PSA for the 2014 Drive Smart Colorado High School Traffic Safety Challenge. McDivitt Law Firm sponsors the PSA portion of the Drive Smart Challenge to help teens send a message to their peers about the importance of not driving distracted. This year’s PSA focused on what people are essentially doing when they are texting and driving.

The Colorado Ski Safety Act and Avalanche Risks


It’s winter time in Colorado, or for many, ski and snowboarding season. While skiing is a fun pastime, it does have its risks. Of some interest is the Colorado Supreme Court’s recent decision to hear argument on whether or not an avalanche within designated ski trails or ski areas is an inherent risk of skiing.

Mining Investigation Uncovers Troubling Violations

Colorado Coal Miner Safety

Mining Investigation Reveals Troubling Violations while New Rule is Implemented for Safety. Colorado Coal Miner SafetyA recent NPR news investigation examines the overwhelming amount of penalties for delinquent mines in the U.S. The investigation unveiled troubling information that many operating mines have multiple safety and regulatory violations, putting miners in dangerous working conditions, and the operators have failed to pay the penalties.

Baby Boomer Bikers: These Stats May Surprise You


Are You a Boomer Looking to Get Back on Your Motorcycle or Just Learning to Ride? If So, Remember these Tips. A recent Wall Street Journal article examines the rise in motorcycle deaths for baby boomers. Here at McDivitt Law Firm we encourage the practice of safe driving by all motorists, including bikers, no matter how old. Over the years, we have seen all types of accidents which were not the fault of our clients. Therefore, we are providing some statistics and tips to help keep you safe the next time you hit the road.

Day of Reflection: Remembrance of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Image

Today reminds me not only of the sacrifices and great strides Martin Luther King, Jr. made for our country and citizens, but reminds me of the kind of person he was and the kind of person we should all strive to be. The differences MLK made to our country are immeasurable and beyond comparison. In some small way, I see some basic similarities in his goals as a civil rights advocate and the goals of McDivitt Law Firm.

Colorado Springs Best Of


McDivitt Law Firm is proud to announce that we have been nominated for the Colorado Springs Gazette’s Best of the Springs for 2015. Every year, based on nominations from Colorado Springs locals, the Gazette puts together a list of nominees for the best of the Springs in business, restaurants, stores, locations, and much more. This… Read more »

Colorado’s Ski Safety Act

Ski Safety in Colorado

The arrival of cold weather months in Colorado represents the start of ski and snowboard season. While the slopes are a main attraction, offering endless outdoor engagement for winter sports enthusiasts of all ages, they aren’t without their risks. Ski accidents are an unfortunate hazard of this favorite winter pastime, which is why it’s critical that you be armed with important safety information.