2016 Bring Your Kids to Work Day: McDivitt Law Firm Edition

McDivitt Law Firm celebrates Bring Your Child to Work Day.

Last Thursday, McDivitt Law Firm celebrated Bring Your Kids to Work Day with a lot of fun activities and learning experiences. McDivitt was excited to again host such a wonderful event, with this year’s theme being the Pixar movie, Inside Out. As part of the day, McDivitt planned many activities for the children to participate… Read more »

7 Tips to Avoid Hydroplaning

driving tips for wet roads

The wet weather is bound to come to Colorado. I’m sure we are all used to a summer thunderstorm. With that being said, I think it’s important to go over some safety tips to prevent accident on the wet pavement. Did you know that wet roads contribute to nearly 1.2 million traffic crashes each year? This is a scary statistic, and something we can all hopefully lower. Here are some helpful tips to help you avoid hydroplaning on a wet surface while driving.

McDivitt Honored as 2016 Best of Winners

McDivitt wins 2016 Best of Springs

McDivitt Law Firm and Mike McDivitt were both recently honored as 2016 “Best of the Springs” winners for Best Law Firm and Best Lawyer respectively. This year McDivitt Law Firm placed Silver for Best Law Firm, and Mike McDivitt placed Bronze for Best Lawyer. We are all truly honored to be chosen by the people of Colorado Springs in both categories and thank all who voted for us.

What You Need to Know about Powers of Attorney

what is power of attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that appoints a person—an “attorney-in-fact” or agent—to act in your place for general or specific purposes. Usually, a power of attorney comes into play when you either become incapacitated in some manner, or if you can’t act on your own behalf for a particular reason. When we say “attorney-in-fact,” we do not mean an actual attorney, but like an attorney represents your legal interests, your agent under a power of attorney “represents” you. A power of attorney may be either general or specific in nature. These powers of attorney may either be durable or non-durable, and also springing. Here is a look at the differences:

10 Common Car Accident Injuries

comment car accident injuries

Some victims of car accidents can walk away without injuries to their person; however, many victims sustain complicated and critical injuries after an accident. The lawyers at McDivitt Law Firm work tirelessly for those who have been injured in auto accidents, and have seen clients with an array of bodily injuries. Nonetheless, there are some common injuries that many sustain in an auto accident. Here are some of the more common car accident injuries:

What Not to Wear: Courtroom Edition

what to wear in court

Let’s cover what to wear, and what NOT to wear when attending court. Don’t worry; when you appear in court you don’t have to dress to the nines, and you don’t have to dress like an attorney (in other words don’t worry about pulling out a three piece suit). However, dressing appropriately is not only respectful to the court, but it helps with your overall presence to the judge and/or jury. You don’t have to forgo comfort (I know appearing in court, especially for the first time can be quite stressful); however, you don’t want to show up in your pajamas either.

Pedestrian Fatalities Increased in 2015

A recent article in the Colorado Springs Gazette states that pedestrian deaths rose nationally to an estimated 10 percent last year. The article cites multiple factors that may have contributed. One factor cited as a possible reason for this increase, was the decrease in gas prices, which has put more motorists on the road. Another factor, the growing use of cellphones, which increases not only the number of distracted drivers, but the number of distracted walkers. And what should be a positive factor, the growing awareness of the health benefits of walking more could also be a potential factor.