McDivitt News, July 2015

McDivitt News July 2015

In McDivitt News July 2015: An important health alert about glyphosate found in the popular herbicide RoundUp. Have questions about hiring a lawyer? Browse our website for helpful information and tools. McDivitt Law Firm won an award from the Colorado Springs Business Journal. We have an update on our fund raising efforts for the American Heart Association. Plus, an update on the Colorado Springs Galaxy semipro soccer team.

Injured on the job? Don’t be a hero!


Injuries on the job are common, and just as common is the failure of employees to report those injuries. While I can understand the reasoning behind the injured not reporting an injury, I’m here to say that not doing so is a mistake. If you fail to report an injury because you want to appear tough or because you fear what others may think of you, don’t let your need to be a hero at work override your medical and safety needs. By not reporting your injury and receiving proper medical attention, you may worsen your medical condition and in the end your workers’ compensation claims.

Deadly Highways: Large Truck Rollovers

Truck Rollover Accidents

A recent article from Bloomberg News covers highway rollover deaths in the Atlanta area. While the article discusses dangerous ramps on Interstate 75, it’s not as though the hills and mountains in Colorado don’t offer dangerous situations for truckers on our interstates and highways. The article mentions that while rollovers only account for 3.3 % of all large-truck crashes, they involved more than half the deaths to drivers and their occupants in 2012. This is astounding and terrifying.

6 Ways an Attorney can Help Reduce, Defeat, and Negotiate Hospital Liens

Hospital Liens

After you have been in an auto accident, or have suffered other personal injuries due to another’s carelessness, you probably do not want to think about all the issues arising from the accident. Most importantly for you is to focus on your health and medical care. However, part of the settlement process in a personal injury case requires the handling of liens. Negotiating the settlement of hospital liens can be very complex, and it’s important to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side. Colorado Revised Statute § 38-27-101 provides that a hospital may have a lien for all reasonable and necessary charges for care provided to an injured person resulting from an accident.

Common Birth Controls: Problematic or Dangerous to Women?


You may not have heard of this, but many women have been complaining about a birth control device called Essure. These women are describing such symptoms as daily bleeding, constant headaches, bloating, as well as, stabbing pain. There is even a Facebook page called “Essure Problems.” A lawsuit was filed in May of 2014 against Bayer, the manufacturer of Essure, and this February 2015 an adverse report was submitted to the FDA where a woman died during the implementation process. The New York Times as now written an article on the device highlighting the data on the complications associated with Essure and criticism of the device.