Dangerous Workplace: Nail Salons

dangers of working at nail salon

Having handled workers’ compensation claims for many years, there are numerous workplaces that I often think of as dangerous; that certain types of work are just inherently more dangerous for workers. A recent article in the New York Times, highlights the dangers nail salon employees face, specifically an unhealthy work environment that you (myself included) might not have realized existed. I don’t frequent nail salons myself, but reading this article really brought to light the type of situations that these women face.

Drugmaker Sues FDA, but Why?

Drug company files suit against FDA

A recent article from the New York Times discusses how Amarin Pharma, a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, took the uncommon step of suing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The article states that the company is arguing that it has a constitutional right to share certain information about its products with doctors, specifically off-label uses for their medications, even though the FDA does not permit the company to do so. It appears that this may be the first time a manufacturer has preventively sued the FDA over a free-speech issue before the company has been accused of any wrongdoing.

Guardrails: Helping or Hurting?

Guardrail Safety

Two articles from the New York Times discuss the potential danger of some highway guardrails. One article mentions that the Justice Department has started an investigation into a particular guardrail maker, Trinity Industries. A more recent article mentions new rules to come from the Federal Highway Administration.

Video Blog McDivitt News, June 2015

McDivitt News Video June 2015

McDivitt News, a monthly look at the latest happenings at McDivitt Law Firm and around the community. In McDivitt News this month: Feria de la Mujer, Bring Your Kids To Work Day, Cinco de Mayo Free Cab Rides, American Heart Association Fundraising, and our Centennial Elementary Kindergartners get promoted to the 1st grade.

Oops, You Didn’t Cause the Crash, but You were on Your Cell Phone

Comparative negligence

Imagine that you are driving down the road, talking to your friend on your cell phone (you’ve refrained from texting), and you stop at the stop sign. After stopping, you proceed to enter the intersection when out of nowhere you are hit by a car that ran the stop sign. The driver who hit you appears to be completely at fault, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the accident is only their fault. Colorado follows comparative negligence rules.

Is this Medical Device Causing a Deadly Superbug?


Ever heard of the device called a duodenoscope? It’s a specialized endoscope, which is a device with a light attached that is inserted in the body for diagnostic reasons. A duodenoscope is threaded down a patient’s throat into the top of the small intestine for diagnostic and therapeutic reasons. Often it is used to treat gallstones, cancers, and other disorders associated with the digestive system. Sounds like a normal medical device, right? Well it’s now being linked to an outbreak of bacterial infections from “superbugs” at several hospitals throughout the U.S. According to the CDC, superbugs are often resistant to antibiotics.

VA Caregiver Assistance Drops Dramatically in Colorado

VA Caregiver services decline in Colorado

A recent article in the Denver Post comments on the amount of revocations for caregiver assistance from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Rocky Mountain region has a higher rate than all but one of the 21 regions in the country. The VA enacted the caregiver services program in 2010. According the Department of Veterans Affairs website, there are various services available to family caregivers of veterans, including a monthly stipend, mental health services and counseling, home-based primary care, skilled home care, home health aide, respite care, and more. A revocation is when the VA states that a caregiver no longer qualifies for assistance.

Prescriptions Made Easy for the Injured

national pharmacy service for injured

After you’ve been injured due to another’s carelessness or negligence, you can become overwhelmed with all the things you must do just related to your recovery. One aspect of that recovery is obtaining your prescriptions. To make things a little bit easier I want to take the time to go over a company called IWP, which is a national pharmacy that is specifically aimed at providing service to injured individuals.