Social Security Disability Q&A: What Evidence Will I Need to Provide?


Disabilities, just like the individuals who experience them, are unique. While one person might experience a chronic illness that doesn’t interfere with her ability to work, the same illness in a second person could be debilitating. When you file for Social Security Disability, you’ll have to prove not only that you have a medical condition, but that the condition has a disabling effect.

Will Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim Harm My Employer? 


Generally not. The worker compensation system is blame-free. Filing a claim never requires you to accuse your employer of doing anything wrong. There is no “finger-pointing” stage that forces or encourages you and your employer to blame each other. Your employer’s worker compensation insurance rates might increase, especially if your accident reveals something that is unsafe about your workplace. But, rates usually stay the same.

Making a Difference through Driver Education and Training


In a recent update from McDivitt, “Auto accidents on the rise in Colorado Springs,” we revealed that auto accidents in our area are at a five-year high. At McDivitt, we see the devastating results of auto accidents on a daily basis. We hope you will consider proactive measures that could prevent these collisions and make a difference in our community.

Why Auto Accident Victims Need to Listen to Their Doctors


If you have been injured in an accident, one of the first things you should do is seek medical treatment from a doctor. The progression we always recommend should consist of consulting a physician and following through with the prescribed treatment to ensure you get better. The following items are instrumental in the overall success of the healing process:

How Long Do Auto Accident Claims Take?


Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not cookie cutter. It is different for each individual who has been involved in an auto accident. An average range would be a few months to a few years, but the following information will give you more insight into the elements that will affect the time it will take your claim to come to conclusion.

Can I Work Part-Time and Still Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?


The simple answer to the question is yes; however, this statement can be very misleading if you don’t have a good understanding of Social Security standards on this topic. The fact is, if you make more than the maximum allowed for longer than the time frame specified, you will become ineligible for disability benefits. And, unfortunately, the maximum allowed is not very much.