2015 Colorado Super Lawyers


McDivitt Law Firm would like to congratulate David McDivitt on being chosen as one of Colorado’s Rising Stars in the practice area of Personal Injury General: Plaintiff in the Colorado 2015 Super Lawyers publication. The entire list of Colorado 2015 Super Lawyers and Rising Stars can be found here. Attorneys are first nominated be their… Read more »

Why McDivitt is in the Accountability Business

Four Pillars of Accountability

Here at McDivitt Law Firm it is our mission to pursue accountability on behalf of others. We are here to ensure that those who have not treated you right are held accountable for their actions. But holding others accountable doesn’t mean we shouldn’t also be accountable to others. So what does that mean?

Meaningful Access to the Civil Justice System for All?

A recent op-ed in the New York Times discussed that each year the United States Supreme Court accepts about 75 of the 10,000 petitions filed. Of those they do accept, a small group of lawyers, who mostly work for corporate clients, argue a large amount of these cases. Of that small group, eight attorneys argue in front of the Court, on average, one in every five cases.

Morcellator Update: What you should know about Uterine Cancer

All Cancer Awareness - Uterine Cancer and Morcellators

Our weekly posts on morcellators have mentioned the link between the defective medical device and women developing aggressive uterine cancer (uterine sarcoma). Our last post even discussed a recent study showing how gynecologists are revamping their approach when it comes to hysterectomies. However, I think it’s important to inform you of the risk factors and… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Colorado Bicycle Laws

Colorado Bike Laws

Spring is in the air (for the most part), and that means it’s time to get out on your bicycle. Therefore, I thought it appropriate to discuss Colorado laws regarding bicycles. Colorado is well known for its avid bike riders, and it is important for us all to know the rules of the road as a bicyclist and as a driver. Bike riding is great for transportation, exercise, and as a means to explore Colorado.

Nurse who Contracted Ebola to Sue Hospital’s Owner


I was recently asked to provide some legal perspective regarding a lawsuit filed by the nurse, Nina Pham, who was the first person to contract Ebola in the U.S. As you may recall, she contracted it from her patient Thomas Eric Duncan, who passed away from the disease. In early March, Ms. Pham filed the suit against Texas Health Resources, Inc. (THR), the parent company of the hospital she worked at, Texas Health Dallas Presbyterian Hospital.