Colorado Auto Accident FAQ: Taking Pictures at the Scene

Auto Accident Photo Evidence

The ready availability of smartphones with built-in cameras and digital photos in general has revolutionized the practice of law and changed the lives of countless personal injury victims. No longer do courts have to rely solely on accident reports and witness testimony; photos can provide a step-by-step guide to what happened and to whom it happened. You should absolutely take as many photos as your time and safety permit immediately following an accident.

Colorado Auto Accident FAQ: Who’s to Blame for Pile-Ups?


Whether caused by poor visibility, inclement weather or simple driver inattentiveness, multiple vehicle collisions are one of the most dramatic road incidents that can happen on Colorado highways. Curvy mountain passes with limited visibility, sudden and severe snowstorms causing whiteout conditions or simple driver error can all contribute to these intense and serious accidents on highways throughout the state. In fact, these types of accidents often generate national media coverage because of the significant number of vehicles involved and the array of injuries and fatalities that often result.

Do You Know What Your Auto Insurance Policy Really Covers?


In Colorado it is illegal to drive a vehicle without insurance to cover your liability of at least $25,000 in case you cause an accident. The penalties for driving without proof of insurance can be harsh, including points against your driving license – which might result in a revocation of your license, monetary fines, and even community service hours. But simply obtaining auto insurance isn’t enough. Responsible drivers must also understand what is – and isn’t – covered by their automobile insurance policy.

Your Icy Sidewalk Could Get You in Trouble!


Very few of us actually enjoy shoveling snow. It’s tedious, backbreaking and exhausting. But we get out there and do what has to be done. Trouble is that often we do just the minimum. We shovel a path to the front door, a path to the mail box and remove just enough snow to get the car out of the garage. We shovel as little as possible because we think that when it comes to clearing the sidewalk outside our home that it’s really the city’s responsibility – not ours.

Do I Qualify for Workers’ Compensation If I Do Not Have a Legal Right to Work in the US?


The short answer is yes. The purpose of the Workers’ Compensation Act is to protect all workers and provide them with the means of compensation if they are injured while on the job. If you are employed in the US, even as an “alien” or immigrant – legal or illegal – and are injured at work, you have the right to file a claim. The workers’ compensation insurance your employer has purchased should cover the cost of recovery attached to your work related injury. All employers, by law, should have workers’ compensation insurance.

What Measures are Being Taken to Keep I-70 Corridor Clear and Safe This Winter?

CDOT safety measures this winter

On February 9, 2013, if you were driving on the I-70 corridor between Vail and the Eisenhower/Johnson Tunnel, what would normally have taken two hours to drive turned into an eight to ten-hour nightmare. This is just one incident when the congestion on the roadway that leads from Denver and surrounding areas to Colorado’s Ski Country was more than most motorists could bear.

Health and Safety: Semi Trucks – Facts and Cautionary Tips

Semi Truck Safety

The trucking industry is alive and well in the United States. According to, a well-known trucking website, the US economy depends on trucks to deliver nearly 70% of all freight transported with an estimated 15.5 million big rigs on the road annually. And, in 2006, the transportation industry logged 432.9 billion miles for the year. That is a lot of road time. Most Americans share the road with at least a few of these 18 wheelers during their morning commute alone, particularly along major corridors like I-25 and I-70. Even a large SUV is no match for the weight and power of a semi, so here are some things to think about while navigating the road alongside them, to help keep you and your family safe.

Don’t Make a Scary Decision this Halloween!


For the seventh year in a row, McDivitt Law Firm is providing free cab rides to anyone who needs to get home safely after a night of celebration this Halloween. The Safe Ride Home program, which began in 2008, has offered more than 18,000 cab rides, and continues to support safety on our streets on four major drinking holidays each year.

Lakewood City Council’s New Home-Building Measure Hurts Consumer Rights

consumer rights in lakewood co

As residents and developers in Lakewood move forward from the October 14th City Council vote to amend Colorado’s construction-defects law, I see several problems with the measure that they passed. To begin, this new municipal ordinance may be in conflict with state law. Before any action can be taken using this ordinance as a guideline… Read more »

Factors That Determine a Personal Injury Claim’s Worth

Factors That Determine a Personal Injury Claim’s Worth

When you are injured in an accident or event that was not your fault, it is only natural to seek compensation for your injuries from the person or people responsible. No matter the extent of your injuries, your quality of life was likely affected either through a lengthy and sometimes painful recovery, financial strain, or both.