McDivitt 2015 Video PSA Contest Winner Is…


Congratulations to Daniel Armenta, a senior at Arvada West High School and a video production student at Warren Tech, for winning McDivitt Makes a Difference 2015 Video PSA contest! This year’s winning PSA focused on the dangers of texting and driving. We had a lot of great entries this year and were impressed by each entry’s ability to capture the dangers associated with distracted driving. Daniel’s PSA was chosen by a select team at McDivitt, including a video production specialist, and a team of advertising executives. The team felt that this PSA told an engaging story while dramatically showing the potential consequences of distracted driving. Daniel also cleverly incorporated the psychology of why we check out cell phones while driving, even though we know we shouldn’t. Daniel hopes that his video “will stop people from texting and driving” and that this video will help get the message out there about distracted driving.

Bring Your Kids to Work Day at McDivitt


McDivitt Law Firm celebrated Take Your Children to Work Day last Thursday. McDivitt was excited to host the event and had a blast with all the children and parents who attended. As part of the day McDivitt planned many activities for the children to participate in. After receiving a tour of the firm with their parent or adult sponsor, the children participated in a scavenger hunt with the help of Team Members.

The Uber Dilemma: Employees or Independent Contractors?

The Uber Dilemma: Employees or Independent Contractors?

A recent article from the ABA Journal discusses lawsuits against the popular ridesharing app companies, Uber and Lyft. Not too long ago I posted a blog discussing Colorado’s new laws regarding ridesharing, which became effective back in January of this year. However, while Colorado may be the first in the nation to enact ridesharing laws that doesn’t mean that all issues concerning these popular apps are resolved.

Morcellator Update: Insurers leading the way for tougher regulations?


A recent article from the Wall Street Journal discusses how insurance companies are calling for tougher regulations for approving and tracking medical devices. Previously, I discussed the FDA process in approving certain medical devices called a 510(k) review. The morcellator is one of many devices (if not nearly all) approved through this process. This process approves devices “substantially similar” to medical devices already on the market.

Why Your Employer has 30 Days to Say an Injury on the Job Qualifies for Workers’ Comp

Colorado Workers’ Compensation Reporting Timelines

Colorado has its own laws when it comes to workers’ compensation claims. These laws can often be confusing, especially to someone who has been hurt on the job and is now suffering. While workers’ compensation laws are here to protect employees’ rights to compensation for injuries received on the job, the law sometimes feels to the injured to favor his or her employer.

Few Cancer Clusters, but Loads of Lawsuits

Camp Lejune Cancer Lawsuits

The New York Times, in an article earlier this year, discussed the emerging claims by marines and their families of cancer caused by exposure to contaminated drinking water at Camp Lejeune. The article is fascinating in that it discusses this concept of a “cancer cluster,” or a cancer outbreak. You’ve probably seen the movie Erin Brockovich, or possibly A Civil Action, both based on true stories where it appeared people were exposed to an environmental contaminant and developed cancer. But what is interesting, is that rarely do epidemiologists assert that an outbreak is specifically associated with an environmental agent, but instead is merely random.