Auto Accidents on the Rise in Colorado Springs

In 2013, Colorado Springs experienced a spike in car crashes. Not only in overall accidents, but also those that resulted in fatalities. On record, 31 crashes took the lives of 35 people. These are the highest numbers in the past five years.

colorado springs auto accidents spike

Every day, the professionals at McDivitt Law Firm work with clients who have been injured or lost loved ones in automobile accidents. The after-affects of these accidents are devastating in a number of ways.

Leading Causes of Colorado Springs Car Accidents

The following are the top three causes of these collisions and the number of accidents caused by each in 2013, as reported by the CSPD:

  • Distracted Driving (including use of cell phones, radio, and interaction with passengers) – 724
  • Impairment Due to Alcohol or Drug Use – 552
  • Driver Inexperience – 495

We hope that, through awareness, we can help people avoid these accidents in the future. If you have a teen driver in your household, have them check out this year’s winning McDivitt Law Firm Public Service Announcement, which was created by two sophomores from Palmer High School.

And if you find yourself out celebrating without a safe ride home, please use our Safe Ride Home program, which runs four times a year in Colorado Springs on major holidays.

What are the Top 10 crash locations in Colorado Springs?

In addition to raising awareness about how most Colorado Springs accidents occur, the CSPD report also outlines where most accidents happen. Please be extra careful when driving in the following 10 locations in Colorado Springs, where the CSPD recorded the most accidents in 2013.

  • I-25 and East Woodmen Road – 148
  • I-25 and South Nevada Avenue – 93
  • I-25 and West Cimarron Street – 87
  • I-25 and West Garden of the Gods Road – 77
  • I-25 and West Fillmore Street – 64
  • Barnes Road and North Powers Boulevard – 54
  • South 8th Street and West Cimarron Street – 54
  • Airport Road and South Academy Boulevard – 52
  • I-25 and West Bijou Street – 50
  • East Platte Avenue and North Academy Boulevard – 42

While the CSPD continues to record and analyze data regarding accidents throughout Colorado Springs, McDivitt Law Firm will continue to provide tips to help keep you and your family safe behind the wheel.

If you or a loved one have been harmed in an auto accident caused by another’s careless driving, contact McDivitt Law Firm now to request a FREE case evaluation.

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