Who's Fault was the Accident


If you have been in an auto accident and now are dealing with injuries and seeking compensation for your damages, you must have an attorney who works to represent your best interests. Sometimes the person at fault is obvious; other times, a police officer may determine which person is the negligent driver.

The State of Colorado recognizes a number of negligence laws. One in particular is the:

Contributory Negligence (Limit to Your Recovery)

Recovery of damages is possible – dependent upon whether you are considered to be at fault for less than 50% of the accident. The amount you may recover is relative to your percentage of liability.

Drivers who drive drunk, text while driving or run red lights are common on our roads. Whether you were hit by a distracted, under-the-influence, or otherwise impaired driver, the McDivitt auto accident lawyers are always available to answer your questions and help you deal with the complicated issues of determining who is at fault in an auto accidents.

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